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The Ella Mae White Living Scholarship Fund!!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

As we enter into another Glorious Year - 2024 - We are so very excited to share in the continuing of our Living Scholarship Fund! Yes, it is entitled The Ella Mae White Living Scholarship Fund. Named after my mother-in-love for all of her wisdom, guidance and love! I am keenly aware, Mother White celebrated a life of education, in all ways. Encouraging her children to learn, love and share. My husband, her youngest son (11th child), remembers fondly, sitting at his "mama's" feet and reading together, sharing their thoughts together; and simply being in the moment - together; all centered around the monthly publication, Readers Digest, cover-to-cover; crosswords, quotes and all. Naturally, we look toward our next generation of college students; that are in dire need of support to afford basic 'Living' expenses! We are hoping to award our Graduating Seniors with a hope chest full of supplies and of course cash; to help them along their academic journey! Thank you for considering the very smallest of needs, yet the very necessary. We appreciate your continued support! Have a Blessed Day!


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