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edifycloud_logo_edited.jpg is the developing online platform to learn, grow and share;
 constantly evolving around the student; today and the future. "

The Edify Curriculum is a combination of the USA Common Core State Standards;  AP Aligned Textbooks/Courses offered through certified Open Educational Resources!

The Foundation of American Home School is Technology!

Always. In Everything we do (almost)!

We are currently developing a rigorous outline of Textbook/Courses for USA High School through to Pre-College Matriculation. It includes the Core: Mathematics; Science; Social Studies and Language Arts and the Core+! The Core+ is just that, the PLUS of Programs, Fieldtrips, Bootcamps, Internships, Volunteership, et al. We work from within our Communities for Global Impact!​ We partner with the World to help enhance the Learning Pathway. Including opportunities for Dual Enrollment and the General Education Diploma. The following defines some of the processes and perspectives of how it all comes together!


Each student creates their own academic journey through Real Life Scenarios and Project/Problem Based Learning....

All Textbooks/Courses are available online and can be 'adjusted' to fit you and your student's schedules!

EVERYTHING! Is up to YOU! From Lessons to Testing to additional resources. It is all based on the learner and their passions!

It is EASY to get started!


  1. Fill-out the Membership Registration Form

  2. Receive Email from American Home Schools Inviting you to Edify to choose your Textbook/Courses

  3. After selecting Courses, you will receive another email ‘inviting’ you [the student] to join the Course

  4. Select ‘join’ and begin your journey!


NEXT, is up to YOU??


Depending on the Resources, YOU CHOOSE, to fuel YOUR PASSION!!

(Elective Courses, et al)​


  • AHS Courses are self-paced for Independent Study

  • Additional Resources: Mini-Classes; Workshops; Clubs; & eLearning modules will be available 

  • Grading and Attendance Completed by You (the guardian)!

  • Special Events and Field Trips TBA

  • More Courses TBA

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