AmericanHomeSchools.Org is developing out of the need to educate our children, in today's world!

We are working together within our Communities and throughout the Globe to Learn and Share!

Together, We Successfully prepare our Youth for Today and Tomorrow!

EDIFY is the Online Learning Platform being designed on a Computer Science Foundation. Common Core Standards; AP Certified Textbook/Courses are available via Open Education Resources.

Providing accessible resources for a complete academic journey.

Everything is open and available to All!

Everything is fueled by the passions of the Learner!

We are here to guide and help!

Davinci Spaces are the Learning Centers that compliment EDIFY and engage our Local and Global Community. They are Safe, Educational Performance Centers with State-of-the-Art Technology!


****Special Note: As we continue to grow into our own learning platform, we currently access our Textbook/Courses via Open Educational Resources. We are also developing 'Learning Pods' - Specialized for your learning environment. The organization is transforming towards the needs.... and looks forward to working with you throughout your academic journey. Thank you again, for your patience and understanding.

Cinamon White, Founder

Benjamin White, Founder

TechKnow, Founding Company

We believe that learning is our most basic instinct. Life-minded learners can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Is to educate the whole child!

We are developing the necessary tools; Creating the safe environment; and Connecting with people that encourage and promote curiosities and natural empathetic responses to resolving issues from academic inquiry to world crisis.

We are here for each other!

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Our Vision

To Open The Minds of All to See...

That Educating Our Youth is Education Our Selves!

For a Better Today and Tomorrow!

We Need Your Support Today!